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The Executive Adjustable Bed

Offering true comfort with 4 adjustable positions to relax in

Beautifully upholstered adjustable bases feature a wooden exterior frame covered in a luxury material.  The base is Box-spring and is extremely durable and perfectly ventilated; in addition the box spring also features as standard high density foam which add's extra comfort.

Executive Model webC.jpg
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The Executive in style with a luxurious hand crafted Adjustable Bed.

Because we spend almost one third of our lives in bed, a good night's sleep has a direct impact on our quality of life. Thats why the Executive is the perfect adjustable bed for anyone who demands total comfort and is looking for a bed with a host of optional extras, like a built in massage system and a choice of  memory foam mattresses.


Choice of colour

Mattress firmness

Choice of memory foam

Massage system

Non turn mattress

Dual system

Please note that anyone with a medical device i.e pacemaker or medical condition must consult with their doctor/healthcare professional before purchasing a massage system.

Executive Remote Aweb lr.png

Offering up to 4 different positions to relax in





The Executive offers up to 4 different relaxing positions that you can easily glide into at the touch of a button. Also our massage system has been shown to help relieve any muscular aches or pains helping to give you a better nights sleep, so you will wake up more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Beds shown above are to demonstrate the position options only. Model and style may differ.  

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