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Get the best night's sleep of your life 

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Regency Adjustable Bed

Investing in an Adjustable bed is an investment in a better night's sleep

Surveys have shown that we spend one third of our lives in bed and that the quality of our sleep has a direct impact on the quality of our day-to-day life. At Miracle Motion we offer a range of Adjustable 'active' beds with all the convenience and benefits of sleeping in a bed that is designed to give the best night's sleep of your life and to leave you feeling rested and relaxed.

Lie back and relax in the comfort of a Regency Adjustable Bed

Relax in comfort as never before, by independantly raising or lowering your neck , shoulders, back, legs and feet to meet the most comfortable position to suite your needs. Available with either a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress, the Regency adjusts easily with the simple to use hand held control.

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Flexible adjustability makes the Royale Adjustable Bed

a leader in its field

The Royale features a dual motor control which allows independent adjustment for the head and lower body. The strong upholstered base is designed to take a choice of mattresses and head boards to suite your room decor. For extra relaxation, a massage sytem can be added as an option.

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Royale Adjustable Bed

Choose your perfect sleeping position with an Adjustable bed

Royale adjustable bed in action.

A Miracle Motion bed is not only the best sleeping system on the market, but also offers a host of optional features, including a deluxe massage and soothing heat option for temporary relief.

Adjustable beds can give temporary relief from some medical conditions

Stress & tension from broken sleep

Aches & pains due to muscular strain & fatigue

Low back & arthritic pain

Poor local blood circulation in the legs, Oedema (water retention)

Breathing difficulties (Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD)

Gastric reflux, Hiatus Hernia (night time heart burn)

Please understand that as each individual is different, there is no guarantee that these products will provide any particular medical or health benefits to you.

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The finest mattress designs for that extra comfort

With Miracle Motion you can choose from a range of superb comfort memory foam mattresses.  We can help you to select the right mattress firmness to suit your individual needs or medical condition and advise on how to get a better night's sleep.

Our beds can be tailored for you:

A range of colour choices

Memory foam mattress

Top of the range massage system

Non turn Mattress

Dual system

Please note that anyone with a medical device i.e pacemaker or medical condition must consult with their doctor/healthcare professional before purchasing a massage system.

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